Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking to get a new phone?

With so many smartphones in the market it is a bit tough trying to pick which one is the best. Well if you read below I can tell you which phone to get if your the gaming person looking for a phone and if your the person looking for the best Android phone out there currently.

                                                                     Gamers that Call

 If your looking to get good gaming as well as having the luxury of the device being a phone, your best bet this year for such a device is the upcoming PSP Sony Ericsson Phone or official name "Xperia Play". Though details are scarce, this phone easily bests all other phones in regards to gaming. What is currently known is it will use a graphics chip similar to the upcoming PSP2, definitely a mobile graphic powerhouse. Sony put mobile gamin on the spot when it released the PSP. They are no strangers to mobile graphics and you can rest assured this phone will provide plenty of it. Not only that but it will slide out into a control scheme like the current PSP GO for better control and playability. Besides its beautiful touchscreen you can also have physical control on your phone and what better way than that of controller. In my opinion if your looking for a better gaming experience that what a regular smartphone can offer, the upcoming PSP phone is your best investment in the near foreseeable future. To the left is an image courtesy of "Engadget.com" showing what the PSP phone looks like as of now though it can change in certain aspects. It is now confirmed that the "Xperia Play" will run the Android 2.3 operating system aka "Gingerbread" and will run games specifically designed for it. Hardware-wise, it will have a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 CPU, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a 3.7- to 4.1-inch screen. The device will also hold the four awesome PlayStation buttons, start/select buttons, a D pad, shoulder buttons, and a touch pad with what appear to be two sensors.Price not yet mentioned but here is the first official Ad from "www.droidnytt.no"

Typical with the Very Best
If u want a fun mobile experience and being able to customize your phone completely, Android powered phones are the best choice. With them you can make them exactly how you want them to be. It is the most conventional "true-to-self" operating system on a mobile phone. The complicated thing with Android phones are that, so many are out there its hard to make a choice. It seems as if almost every month a new Android phone from every cellphone company and manufacturer is announced. So which phone should you get currently? I suggest the Motorola Atrix, as it truly is the most powerful smartphone available. It is the first phone using the Tegra 2 Processor from nVidia. In my other post I mentioned how the Tegra 2 is a dual core chip, it will simply make this phone so fast and be able to do absolutely everything you could want without the fear of lagging or slowing down. Currently I'm with a Mytouch3G and it drives me insane as it lags due to the ancient processor inside. With the Motorola Atrix you are getting much more that just another powerful smartphone. The Motorola Atrix is able to dock into a laptop when connected to a monitor/TV. It is as if having a laptop in the comfort of your pocket. There pretty much isn't anything else to say. This phone is simply powerful and a beautiful piece of hardware. You will get all the goodies like a good camera and recording device. It is a remarkable phone and I cant wait to get my hands on one. A Youtube video is linked to the side if you want to see it in action and be further convinced of its amazing functions.

For Apple Fans

The iPhone is a magical piece of hardware and the current model 4 version is supplying the needs for its fans. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 4 as of now I strongly recommend you hold off for a couple of months. Why? The most obvious reason is Apple is working on a new iPhone and will be unveiling it as it usually does every year around April or so. It can easily be guessed the iPhone 5 is in the works and will be available this year. Once more it will offer a lot more than what the current iPhone 4 is offering so why bother getting one now. It is just my opinion and seems logical to hold off to get the better version of the iPhone. You don't want to get desperate and go buy an iPhone 4 now only to want the iPhone 5 when it releases this year. A simple search online for the iPhone 5 yields many mock up models of what it may look like as well as this image of reportedly leaked images of the iPhone 5.Lastly it is somewhat confirmed the iPhone 5will make use of the NFC technology. You may have seen online or in newspapers of this technology enabling the device using it to act like a credit card at times of purchases, etc. Once the iPhone 5 releases there will be almost no need to buy the current 4th generation device, after all we all want the latest, craziest gadget in our hands.


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