Friday, May 27, 2011

MORE Laser Guns

Dead Space 2 is an amazing game, period.  Just look at their advertising tactic – show their target audience that parents hate Dead Space 2.  In my opinion, there’s no better way to ensure that people buy your game.  I don’t know about other Dead Space 2 players, but I’m tired of being confined to the game.  That’s why I was pumped when I found the Dead Space 2 DIY plasma gun, which can pop balloons and light matches.

To make this gun, you need two laser diodes, probably from a Blu-ray player, and a replica Dead Space 2 gun.  Open up the case, replace two of the LEDs with laser diodes, and boom!  Dead Space 2 awesomeness.  This DIY weapon was created by KipKay.

Star Trek Gun

This awesome laser gun was made from a plastic Star Trek phaser, a 12x magnified blu-ray burner diode, and Energizer Lithium primaries.  The laser phaser is not as powerful as some modded ray guns, but can still pop balloons and light flash paper.  The designer included an optional safety switch to ensure that children don’t blind themselves or others, which is probably a smart idea.
The Star Trek phaser gun can shoot for 3 hours on full batteries, so a single set of Lithiums will last you qutie a long time.

Portal 2 Gun

Unfortunately, the portal gun does not shoot lasers or portals. This cool light gun does light up in dual colors, blue and orange, and is full size 22 inches long and 15 pounds. An unnamed designer created this awesome portal gun from wood filler, mat foam, paint, and chicken wire.  That’s a pretty impressive feat, if you ask me. (The only thing that would have made it cooler, and made it more in line with the rest of the post, is if it shot lasers.)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

ZeroTouch Interface

 A team from Texas A&M University unveiled a touch screen technology they’ve been keeping in secret for a couple of years that isn’t really a screen at all. ZeroTouch is more like an empty picture frame lined with LEDs and filled with criss-crossing beams of infrared light. Like a mashup of traditional 2-D touch interface with the 3-D applications of, say, Microsoft’s Kinect, its applications are many.
The design seems so simple that it’s almost surprising we haven’t seen something like this until now. ZeroTouch is basically an empty window pane, and the LEDs and IR sensors mounted around its edges detect anything that crosses the plane of that frame (it can recognize up to 20 independent touch points at a time).

Since ZeroTouch allows a user not only to touch but to reach through the “screen,” it opens itself to a huge variety of applications. Laid on a flat surface, it can be used as a drawing board or a drafting stylus. Placed over any conventional screen, it instantly and inexpensively turns it into a touch screen. Or it can be suspended in space so the user can actually reach through it, offering it a 3-D capability that other touch screen interfaces lack. So far, 3D applications haven’t really been exploited beyond a pretty straightforward painting program, but the possibilities are there. The experts behind ZeroTouch next plan to create a layered device where multiple screens are stacked atop one another, giving it a greater degree of depth of control.

Source. PopSCI

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unique USB and Projector Iphone

Color Display USB
I wanna start off with an amazing proposal for a USB drive that is unlike any out there. Getting straight to he point, this USB lights up and according to the information stored inside it changes to different colors. Such as red meaning its empty or blue for files, pink for pictures... etc. Of course you can customize the colors to your liking and overall I think its just plain cool to see these release sometime in the future.

 Iphone projector Concept

This is just a solo image of a so called Iphone projector "Phone." Basically it will render physical hardware obsolete and will just use a small wrist projector to display your virtual phone. It is a really cool looking idea and something truly unique and new, but I don't think the masses will like not having a fancy gadget to show off around. I like the idea and wrist projector for the phone and if it ever does see the light of day Ill be sure to give it a try.