Saturday, October 22, 2011

RP 360-Degree Flight Simulation System

Flight simulation has come a long way but has been limited to just traditional screen projections, though 3D will likely be included at some point during the future. Conventional and traditional ways haven't really changed much, one sits in front of a screen, loads up the flight simulator and away you go. One company Barco, maker of of large format projection technologies hopes to change that and make their addition all for the better. A new flight simulator dome, although its more of a sphere, offers high resolution visuals and a full 360-degree view of the virtual simulation. With it; training- pilots can identify and spot other aircraft from 12 miles away. This is much better than what you used to do on yours mom's PC when you were up and running flight simulators and such. Fourteen 10 megapixel projectors bathe this Oval Simulation system in awe, they are calibrated by laser so ensure maximum accuracy and calibration. Barco states it wants to provide the most accurate and best possible experience when it comes to flight simulation as they want to insure pilot trainees are best prepared.

The insurance of aviation rests on the hands of those best prepared to take on tasks to fly future aircraft. Why not offer them the best simulation possible. RP-360 Simulation Sphere does just that and makes it look awesome at the same time.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Universal Electric Car Charger- Big Auto 7 Agreement

The 7 major car brands in the world have come to an agreement for a Universal Electric Car charger to be available in the US and Europe. Being announced Tuesday, this is major news and a giant step into the green initiative as convenience will make it far more accessible for the worlds major markets. This approach integrates all charging scenarios that drivers would face and require. Putting everything under single connector and communication system, changing the infrastructure to accommodate these chargers far more easier and speed up the process. They would even be backwards compatible with both US and European systems, all cars would be able to benefit domestically and abroad. They'll be using a single-port charging system for all configurations, from small home chargers to bigger public rigs on the sides of highways and roads. Also announced was the support for HomePlug Green PHY, which despite its silly name is a pretty sweet idea: it would allow everyone to link their car's to the smart grid using Powerline, which allows all kinds of useful goodies like diagnostic system checks.  

   (Prepare to see these in the nearest charging station to you)

Although an idea that most say was logical and similar to what gas stations are now, it is only possible due to the worlds biggest automakers coming to an agreement: Audi, Ford, GM, Porsche, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, and Volkswagen respectively. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

SASSA, The US Military's (Future) Space Toy

SASSA,short for "Self Awareness Space Situation Awareness" system is a newly minted US Military projected slated to go in test mode and show the world what it can do. The US Air-force confirmed a classified satellite carrying s special system was launching sometime in the near future and it can no doubt be concluded it is the SASSA. So what makes this space based Military system so amazing? In short terms acting like a radar for satellites, the system will alert operators of potential space-borne threats such as missiles to itself in which it will be able to even perhaps take kinetic action towards its own protection. This is a giant step into Space based defense systems. The US Military is heavily reliant on GPS, reconnaissance, and many other satellites already in orbit. They have no protection on that realm and in a worst case scenario are left unprotected during a time of war. This is where the SASSA comes into play. It will be able to defend such systems or for starters warm the systems operators of incoming threats and take appropriate action. The level of security and insurance by SASSA will be unprecedented. The biggest threats for space satellites are poised by ASAT  missiles (air missiles shot by warplanes into space) which are able to reach orbit and take down an intended target. Remember China's shooting down of a satellite they claimed was a simple test and such, well America isn't going to sit by idle and watch this. They have a system ready to neutralize all threats and retain air superiority, or better space superiority now. What better way to provide insurance to America than with a system orbiting earth and at hand able to counter-strike on command.
     (Source: PopSci, ASAT missile launch; biggest threat to our satellites)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nissan Developing Mind-Reading Cars

Researchers in Switzerland are developing cars with an ultimate ability in the realm of intelligence and technology, ability to read our minds.Over at EFPL they have been creating and developing a wheelchair  thought controlled system in which the cars can anticipate a driver's next move.With the help on environmental and bio-metric indicators, cars will be able to get ready for an upcoming task the driver has already thought off beforehand. According to one researcher, "People will soon be able to wake up and get behind one of these cars. They will only need to think of the commands and the car will do all the work. That is our goal so get ready to donate your car, get ready to drop everything with your current car, registration, insurance and prepare to get a car of the future".-Jose Del R Millan. These tasks for example can be anything from changing lanes, slowing down, to even get ready for a turn. Using brain censors well as brain activity and eye movement patterns to make these predictions. There are other methods to achieve the same method of reading a persons mind and predict what there next move is but the way to do that requires a lot pf testing and the person to be in deep thought for instance to avoid mixed signals.  Nissan and its researchers want to change that and implement it onto a vehicle and make a a wonderful change in the way we drive. Now this may be in a way later down the road connected to an auto-driving system such as those you may have seen on films. For now we will still use our own to hands to make those left and right turns but who knows, Jose Millan said we will donate our cars and open our driveways to future cars  that will change everything. I cant anything else other than elt it happen, technology is always good. (Nissan, Popsci, Swizz Research)