Monday, March 28, 2011

DARPA creates Interactive 3-D Holographic Display

Long gone are the days of pushing plastic armies around hand-drawn maps. Today’s military planners deserve technology of the future, and that means nothing less than 3-D holograms will do. Luckily, we have DARPA, ever-ready to step in with a solution. The Urban Photonic Sandtable Display (UPSD) allows up to 20 participants to simultaneously view and manipulate the 360-degree, 3-D image on the table, without having to wear 3-D glasses. Similar to what many Star Wars recall, the holographic meetings now a reality.

The display can be expanded to as large as six feet, and has a visual depth of up to 12 inches. UPSD is also interactive – battle planners can freeze, rotate and zoom in on the images. They can also print out two-dimensional representations of the 3-D data (seen above) that troops can carry with them on their missions.
Zebra Imaging won the contract to create the technology for UPSD, and DARPA is using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems for the data. The technology is not field-ready yet but has been demonstrated and is now being installed in Army and Air Force research centers.

Credit to popsci

Monday, March 14, 2011

MV CoilMaster Mark 1

Daniel Eindhoven is the maker is this latest creation, one sick ass killer looking coil gun! The laser effects are fantastic and make bullets seem like nothing in comparison. (Yea Bullets are cool too..)
"Fully semi-automatic, up to 14 shots.
Capable of delivering over 18J kinetic energy, and speeds up to 70mph or 110km/h! (42 gram projectiles).
It’s a single stage gun, using a 8800uF(4×2200) capacitor bank with max 400v (704J).

Max shot efficiency is 2.8% but reaches almost 4% at lower voltages.
Charge time for 300v (12J kinetic energy 396J capacitor bank) is 8 seconds for the mains connection,
and when using the internal batteries about 90 seconds. It also has a Digital voltage display.
Coil overheat after 14 shots at 300v. Working out the kinks could make this range expand into much more.

Total weight: 5 kilogram.
Total spend: ~ 100 Euros or about $140.
Construction time: ~40 Hrs"


 Screw Nerf Guns and all the little plastic projectile guns. Lets wear some armor and mass produce these and go have fun somewhere. Just imagine the fun with these until someone is zapped dead or injured.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inside A Toyota Production Plant

Many people aren't aware of what the production phrase is for the vehicle they shop and drive everyday. Toyota as a leader worldwide renowned for its good build quality of cars, let a photographer snap some images on one of its futuristic manufacturing plants. It is fully loaded with robots, computer, automation machines, and everything you think not possible. What makes this plant different from the others is that technically every car is built robotic-ally with precision and efficiency that almost no human personnel are required for the manufacturing process. When looking at the images it looks like a futuristic robot plant from a Hollywood movie.

This one is my Favorite picture as it is the core of the process on building a vehicle. Only robots are here and absolutely no human presence is required nor would it be useful.

   The car is getting there just a few more parts and then it is ready. 

And it is almost completed. 

This factory is considered one of the most advanced in the world but Toyota hasn't exactly disclosed where these images are from. It could be from any country that houses a Toyota facility but as long as they keep making it cool it really doesn't matter.